Rogerio Maudonnet

I’m a music producer, composer and guitarist, who writes music for TV commercials, films, video games and theatre plays.

  • Finalist at North American Rock Guitar Competition 2007
  • Runner up at 2008 UK Songwriting Competition with the song “Contradição”
  • Honorable Mention at the 2008 USA Songwriting Competition – “Contradição”
  • Featured on June 2009 Guitar Player Magazine
  • Several music placements, on ABC’s Revenge, NBC’s Make it or Break it, Discovery and History Channel
  • Audio Localization Manager: casting and directing voice talents for video games, including LucasArts Outlaws, Jedi Knight and Grin Fandango, Novalogic’s F-22 and MiG-29 Fulcrum.

Henrique Ohara

I started working as a Assistant Recording Engineer in Oct 1983 at Estudio Publisol – SP.
Graduated by Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, with specialization in Radio and TV area, in June 1986.
Working since 1983 in recording studios for soundtracks for commercials advertising.
Some companies I worked for Play It Again, Dr. DD, Voicez, etc.
In music segment I was the record engineer for some songs for Pato Fu, Skank, Jota Quest, Herbert Vianna, Papas da Lingua, and other ones.
In cinema segment I was ADR, Foley and Sound Design engineer for the movie “Cidade de Deus”, directed by Fernando Meirelles, and for “Traiçao”, in episode “O Primeiro Pecado”, directed by Arthur Fontes.

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Jamon, The Pig Episode 12

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This is the last episode of my own cartoon #jamonthenanoseries. Hope to have great news next year! Este é último episódio do meu desenho animado #jamonthenanoseries. Espero ter ótimas notícias ano que vem! EPISODE 12: A NEW SHADOW Created by @deinhamendes @dmassareto Screenplay @deinhamendes @dmassareto Produced by @estudiomol Director @galileogiglio Co-director @chicobela Animation Chico Bela Illustration Pingado Sociedade Ilustrativa Editor Cassio Kiyoshi Art Director Galileo Giglio Production Coordinators Audrey Nobrega, Jin Tsui Production assistants: Joaquim Carriço, Fernanda Miranda Character Design (Jamon): Adriano Borges, Thiago Soares, Chico Bela Character Design (Nero e coadjuvantes): Pingado Sociedade Ilustrativa Música: @rmaudonnet Sound Design: @doidim2009 Executive Production / Produção Executiva: Dea Mendes, Domenico Massareto

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